World war 2 sequel announced FINALLY

South Korea must be utterly shitting itself. Seoul only just over the border, so they’re essentially at the mercy of two small-dicked man babies.

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Fucking hell… Now that God guy has got involved:

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There have been leaks from inside Japan and America that they can make the warheads now. I think this is propaganda to allow strikes on n Korea. More Moab and cruise missiles taking out the artillery pointed at the south and the nuclear facilities.
Don’t think nukes will be used

Trump found that he could get headpats and a distraction from disastrous domestic happenings with random acts of war from the Syria thing. Pathetic, and dangerous, how willing the mainstream media was to let him learn that.

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It’s not a proper fight without a God involved!

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Oooh, getting God involved this time round as an ally is a good twist.

Just reminded that we studied holy wars in RE.

It’s only fair really given that the Kim family are basically a series of Deities themselves - Trump would be at a massive disadvantage otherwise.

be interesting to see if the USA’s THAAD works…

I think the Washington Post reported that they could make warheads

But from what’s been reported so far however none of the missiles they’ve developed so far have intercontinental ability however I guess that’s what they’ll be working on next.

I’m kind of struggling with the US carrying out a preemptive strike even with this knowledge because it would be an act of war.

I read somewhere that NK’s missiles had the range but not the accuracy. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

It’s kind of like the uncertainty principle writ large, we know it went 3000km, but not what direction.

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of dis at least


People complaining that technically the Earth hasn’t died, it’s merely an apocalypse that’s wiping our most species out.


Not sure he was just trying to play down the NK military’s capacities but according to this weapons inspector the ICBM burnt up on reentry

Latest in a long, long, long line of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic (and elsewhere) to find this out, sadly.

Has Corbyn condemned NK yet??


Wall: not built
Hillary: not locked up
Obamacare: not repealed
Swamp: not drained
America: not great again

Shit, better start a war or something.

Didn’t have him down as an autocratic sympathiser, but the facts are clear. :frowning:


Spent 3-4 years in my pre/early teens (up until the '91 Soviet attempted coup died down I guess) being absolutely fucking terrified of nuclear war on a daily basis. Crying myself to sleep at night, unable to think about anything else, that type of thing. Great times. The fear has never entirely left me either.