World war 2 sequel announced FINALLY


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Not arsed either way

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I’m trying to keep it clear for all concerned.

hold on, hold on, it wasn’t my code!


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Can someone photoshop Ian Beale into this?


Actually, might work better with Frank Butcher (RIP)

Spinning bowtie and all.

USA set up and tested THAAD recently. Not been used for real yet…

can see bannon trying to subvert any potential action tbh, a nuke fight doesn’t square with his aryan nationalism worldview. would not be surprised if something similar to this is being sort-of-definitely-planned in a “just suppose, for instance, totally hypothetically” kind of way:

I’m not on twitter much these days but I’ve just logged on and see that this really is the source for people’s jokes on there (too).

This may be a stupid question but what is North Korea’s endgame here? If it’s all posturing to make Kim look good to his own people then fine, but given that now he seems absolutely determined to provoke the absolute maniac on the other side of the world to attack him, even if he gets some kind of strike in first, what is he possibly hoping to achieve? There is no possible positive outcome.

The only way this makes any sense at all is if North Korea don’t launch any of the missiles they keep threatening to because they will be obliterated the minute they do, and the US must know this, so it can’t be a genuine threat. This all seems to have escalated into a game of intercontinental thermonuclear chicken.

i think but can’t be sure a lot of it is to do with sanctions, on food, medicine, etc, and sending a message to china, to put pressure on the states. i think. it’s a stupid strategy but w/e. just don’t kill us all mr sir.

My poorly thought out theory is that much of the posturing is meant to show Kim Jong-un’s resistance to regime change and also what he may possibly see as North Korea independence which could be extended to their opting out of the nuclear non proliferation treaty.

Can’t help but wonder that if there was a different US leader in charge this current flare-up would amount to less because for whatever reason Trump seems to be believe the only way to deal with Kim Jong-un’s rhetoric is to match it.



Wouldn’t put a nuclear holocaust past the writers of Eastenders. They’ll probably do it one year for the big christmas episode


Might set up a kickstarter.

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There’s a very interesting article on the likelihood of war in the Guardian, which should hopefully soothe those who (like me) grew up in an era when that scene in Terminator 2 represented everything we had grown up to fear.

The conclusion there was that nothing has really changed, the Kims have been posturing like this forever, the only difference is that the US usually ignored them but now, with the orange man-baby in charge, he’s actually responding which is exactly what they want. I think this is a critical error from Kim personally - surely the whole world knows Trump would love to drop bombs on someone given half a chance. Provoke Obama fine, but don’t provoke that pyscho.

I think it will probably end in conflict of some kind, purely because Trump will be impossible to talk out of it and he knows that much of the country will go ‘fuck yeah!’ and get behind him if he starts a war. Americans do love a war.


just hit snooze ffs (stole this from my mate lee. shout out to lee.)