Worldle 🌍

Does anyone do this one? Six guesses to name a country based on the outline of its border. Great fun.


Got it in 5

Started in Africa :man_facepalming:

#Worldle #182 1/6 (100%)

Stopped playing this cos real freaks like me need a timer element to keep it interesting tbh

I play it often but rarely get it.

Kicked myself for not getting today and yesterday’s, they both would’ve been my next guess!

Got it in two, all right with that!

Yes! This is my favourite of the β€˜rdles!


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I reckon I’m relatively decent at it, although not as decent as you. It’s definitely sharpening up my knowledge of the globe though which is very satisfying.

Easy one today.

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Got today’s 1st time where is my badge

Yeah it’s good, rarely get it first time but pretty good at narrowing it down with subsequent guesses.