World's biggest pop star

Who would you say is currently the world’s biggest pop star?

Right now, I reckon it’s Taylor Swift.

Also rans: Adele, Beyonce, Bieber, Kanye

Ask me again after the mid-season plot twist.

Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Drake or Bieber


Taylor isn’t the biggest right now, no. But she’s in the peloton, and when her new album comes out she’ll surge into the lead.

It’s probably Beyoncé now.

Probably Beyoncé though didn’t Rhianna release an album this year?

You’re allowed to say an answer now and then let me know when it changes, that’s allowed.

The answer is that I don’t really care much for the music usually termed “pop”

You don’t have to like or care about the music, I just want to know who you think is the biggest pop star.

Har Mar Superstar

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taylor swift hasn’t had an album out or done promo in ages

arguably bieber, although beyoncé just completed one of the highest grossing tours of all time.

Dick Valentine

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I think it was because she’s not had an album out for ages that I went for Taylor, she still manages to be in the news the entire time despite there being no real reason for it.
Title’s up for grabs at the moment though. Who’s got albums out next year? Katy Perry?

This lot and Rihanna. Think a popstar has rarely been as ubiquitous as the Biebs right now though.

Gastr del Sol

Pietro Valentine


Mick Jagger

calvin harris is 6’5″
although i just googled to see who was the tallest celeb and montell jordan is 6’7″!!!

If its based on sales then Adele but for all the hits he’s written maybe you could argue Max Martin

Someone called Afrojack is 6’10" apparently.

dutch dj/producer. his biggest hit over here was ‘GIVE ME EVERYTHING’ with pitbull and ne-yo 5 years ago.
what i do know about him is that he went out with paris hilton, and is allegedly responsible for her dj career. here they are