World's oldest gammon


Before you start, he seems alright, just thought ‘world’s oldest gammon’ was funny


He seems like a very sweet old man.

Although I note that he shares a birthday with Britain’s oldest woman, which seemed oddly unnoticed. It was like “Yeah he’s the world’s oldest man, how cool is that!!! PS. he’s the same age as the oldest woman in the UK but y’know”.

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Ha! I did, then edited after seeing this.

Well the worlds oldest woman has been the worlds oldest woman for longer than he’s been the worlds oldest man

Yeah I think it was just the way it was phrased in the article I read it in. Stood out a bit. But no doubt that “World’s Oldest Man” is the story here.

Who do you think would win if the world’s oldest man and the world’s strongest man had a fight?

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He said the secret to his longevity was “to avoid dying”.

I quite liked this


Seems a bit fraudulent to become world’s oldest man because the former oldest man has died.

The original owner should retain it until someone is older than they were.

He looks about 80. Or what 70 year olds used to look like.

Yeah, it’s missing the word ‘living’.

Like how he just puts his old age down to luck. None of the usual “I eat two radishes for breakfast everyday” nonsense here

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Wish someone would hurry up and be older than that French woman who’s the oldest ever recorded

He really does.

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the world’s oldest man and the world’s oldest woman should totally hook up

I like slash hate the ones where it’s like “yeah it’s because I don’t trust doctors and I smoke twenty packs of cigarettes a day while eating raw chicken”


age a hundred and fifty for all to see
to be an elderly master’s
everyone’s destinnnyyyyyy



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I read a thing recently saying she might have not been that old, that it might have been her daughter pretending to be her

Think there needs to be some tests to make sure something like that isn’t happening here, maybe pull his nose to see if it’s a mask

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