watched it all this weekend. really good. thoughts?

I’m gonna watch it, I haven’t yet.


One episode down, liked it so far but it was a lil creepy

I’ve watched four now, really digging it. Touch OTT in places! Enjoyed when Rawls turned up :smiley:

Watched the first two and it’s really good so far. The reconstructions are really beautifully shot and well acted and I like that it treats the audience as smart enough to keep up.

The part where you find out about the fella’s sister and her family dying in the plane crash is a bit “how much shit luck can one family have?” Right now, I’m guessing the answer is ‘quite a lot.’

gonna make this my next binge watch now Unabomber is done

I like it. Wasn’t what i was expecting, but the sort of blend of interviews and reconstructions work. It feels like it’s fiction, but it’s not, but i’m not really sure. I watched it when i was in bed ill for a few days going out of my fucking mind, so it was double-weird. The subject matter’s interesting enough that it might have worked better as a standalone drama, idk.

Finished it. Liked it but it got very repetitive by the end, think they stretched it a bit far. Feel like Errol Morris must have like 10 better stories up his sleevies n all.

Really wanna watch all the president’s men now.

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I did an All The President’s Men/Spotlight double bill recently. Maybe the best genre of films ever?