Worries #ssp

Work has booked travel and I don’t think my passport renewal is going to get back in time and I don’t think anything is refundable.

Has anyone done an online renewal? It says 3 weeks but they seem to be taking this one right to the wire.

I’ve got many other worries but that’s the only one I feel like sharing.

Does anyone else have any worries major or minor we can help them with?

You should have gone and done it in Liverpool (or wherever it is) in 24 hours and got Work to pay for the expense! :frowning:

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There SHOULD have been plenty time for the online application.

Someone else here submitted it a few days after me and got there’s back within a week - clearly something is wrong but I can’t start complaining until the two weeks is up - by which time it’s too late!!!


it’s three weeks.

I’m emmigrating on Monday. I’m worried that I will no longer have free health care and so will die, or live but have no money.

I bet emigrating brings a boat load of new worries. This is why I never do anything.

How much time do you have between the end of the three weeks and when you have to go? You can probably get the flights changed? Or will that be worthless?

Where are you emigrating too?

got some frozen summer fruit berries to stick in my porridge. worried that 2 mins in the microwave won’t be enough to defrost them but any longer will smoosh them

that’s not going to work. there are other complications (visas, holiday).

that puts our worries in perspective. our thoughts and prayers are etc etc


Land of the free, home of the brave :us:

apparently their president’s really silly!

Well you definitely picked the perfect time for it.

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I’m worried that you’re worried. I wish you well, friend.

Wait, what!?

Yr making me worry even more. What happened to that nice black man?

Dunno, think he quit.

There was this lady that they could have hired but she sent some bad emails and now she’s in prison I think.

Only have 3weeks of uni left lol