Worries #ssp


Good luck, @sky_box_office! Let me know how it’s going, I’m always looking for positive UK-US case studies.



Nothing much. Just that, in tiny increments, I’m wasting my life.


We all are buddy, but we can have some fun along the way.


I’m worried I may have ruffled a few feathers at work yesterday by pushing back on stuff that is clearly not my role and is quite frankly, a bit demeaning asking me to do. And also I don’t get asked, I just get copied into an email to say “meowington will help with this” WILL SHE?

I’m also worried i’m in a super bad mood this week and trying very hard to snap out of it but I just can’t and I want to cry and I can’t even blame PMT this time.


where bounce hun?


People love feather rufflers. Stick to your guns and you’ll be running the place in a few years.



beef spade hole?


They should at least use your proper name! “desk will help with this” FFS.

(Sorry to hear about this shit.)


bit worried I will never work again and don’t think I will last more than a couple of years the way I am going.


Yeah I left my last job for this very reason so I’m pretty keen to keep this one as I like it a lot. I also want to progress in my career and not be felt like i’m going backwards being asked to do all this adminny/PA stuff.


What do you do these days, meo?


I’m worried I’ll never make something as good as ‘Harvest for the World’ by The Christians


There’s a server move tomorrow, I’ve been left with looking after it somehow and there’s also a load of other stuff going on. I don’t really know how I’ve ended up with it, other than not looking out for myself and letting it happen, I could quite easily have gotten out of it. I won’t be doing the actual move but have done a pretty poor job of sorting out what needs to be done. It’s all very last minute. Tomorrow could prove very stressful and unpleasant.


I can imagine walking or getting chucked out.



Springs coming out here, gonna be between 5 - -2 over there when I head over. Wise decision…


When I renewed my passport last year, I think I posted it off on the Thursday. Monday morning as I was leaving the flat, the courier knocked at the door.


Then again, when I was at uni, my idiot housemate didn’t renew his until 3 weeks before he went on holiday and it arrived the day before he went.


I have an interview tomorrow for a job which ain’t great but pays loooooads that if I get I can actually pay to do my Masters this Autumn which god knows I’ve put off long enough. So I’m afraid of getting it, and I’m afraid of not getting it.