Worst Album Artwork 2019


kicking it off with a belter


This is fairly unsightly


Cover for an 80s horror movie - I’m IN

Cover for a 2019 record - I’m OUT


Quite like that.

There’s a certain charm to it.


Not sure what I make of this yet, but I think it’s probably bad



Yeh - great artist, and like what I’ve heard from the record so far… but this is really, really bad (in my humble opinion)


It’s the naked girl in the bucket that I find disturbing




warheads on foreheads…


Oh my, that title is utterly indescribable


That’s an early favourite. Everything thing about it is offensive- the title, the photo, even the kerning in ‘Megadeth’ is all wrong.


Plus I only just realised that they spell “death” without an “a”. Ungodly.

As far as the cover goes though… Quite like it, suits Megadeth


File under ‘metal spelling’ with unnecessary umlauts. No problem with that. There’s no excuse for bad kerning though.



That’s great.


It is?

How do you feel about the alternative cover:


Agreed. Kerning is all that separates us from the jackals.


Equally great. I’m definitely going to listen to that record.


James! Ffs this is even worse than the cover to the second album