Worst Album Artwork 2019

I have to say I love the irony of this cover.

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1200px square version here

still looks pretty murky TBH but I like the detail and the grain on it says it’s a film shot so maybe that explains the apparent ‘murk’.

I like that - what is it?

“I like that - what is it?”


Can I just request that everyone puts the titles with these albums? Goes for the best artwork too. Because fucksake, it’s frustrating having to keep asking!


Of course it would be even better if the artists put their own names on the record sleeves to start with…


It’s much more cool and exclusive if you have to ask :wink:

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If you hover over the image, you’ll get it: Baltra (debut album) Ted. :slight_smile:

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Please remember that lots of people visit DiS on mobile devices, so alt text isn’t of any use to them.

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(It’s the 10th Anniversary Reissue so is a valid entry)

Emily Blue - Bad Decisions


Traumatised to hear that’s 10 years old

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Appropriate album title


‘The cheek of her!’ should have been the title

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Or “Haha! Look at my arse!”.


Or ‘mind the gap’

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Or, ‘i need a new one this one has a big crack in it’

I do find myself really curious as to what an album with a cover like that could possibly sound like, so I suppose that’s a success to a degree.

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I believe it to be the perfect trinity/triforce of username/post/album title interface.

And artist name in fact.