Worst Album Artwork 2019




I know it’s early days but I can’t see anything else topping this (although I’m eager to be proved wrong). Been chuckling about that title all afternoon.


As awful as that title is it seems they didn’t come up with it




This is great. Really great.

I’m not even being ironic or wrong.


I’m so sorry because I love this band but


Facebook agrees with you and I had to make this change in order to post it on a group on there


This is horrific.

But please post the artist/title along with the more, er, WTF no text ones? Thanks!


It’s so dreadful. I also like the Sony Music logo in their font. It feels like they looked at the rest of the cover and were just, "Fuck it, may as well just stick our logo there, it can’t make it any worse.


This version is apparently capped from a video, so the Sony Music logo might not be there on the actual album.

Then again, it might.

And it’ll still be terrible either way.


Brilliant album but urmm not so sure on this cover… (Sorry Tim)


Yes. At first I just thought it was just boring, but then I spotted that distortion on the letters, which is an outrage. Haven’t listened to the album yet though, I’m sure I’ll forgive him.


heh, my cousin knows these blokes


Have absolutely no fears about the album - it’s a gentle gem! I’m just not sure what the cover is trying to say / show…


wtf is this abomination


Ha it’s Tim Presley / White Fence’s new record!


My most fundamental problem with this is that the only place there aren’t any warheads is on pilot’s forehead.



I think one of the biggest surprises is that Reel Big Fish are STILL releasing albums?


Bananas in Pyjamas