Worst album artwork 2021

All Jim O’Rourke albums should come with a sticker saying either “this has great songs on it” or “this is just a bunch of noise”




Fuck me.


Apparently this monstrosity is by Harmony fucking Korine.

I can’t have this in my house.

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How can you not love the maker of Gummo? :open_mouth:

It’s not that it’s by Korine, it’s because it’s by Korine and somehow, legitimately, the worst album cover I’ve ever seen.




Muse album covers are an artform you, I and the rest of us are simply too plebian to appreciate, let alone understand.


I don’t mind this

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I freely admit that I don’t understand anything about Muse.

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Ah, ignore me, I see it was already posted.

this should be terrible but i don’t mind it tbh

Sure, I get it. It’s meant to be ludicrously over the top, it’s meant to be super 80’s glam metal, the ‘feeling’ has been well and truly captured. Well done. It’s the execution though. What has than ‘N’ done to make the ‘A’ so terrified of it? Why has the stylised lightning bolt behind the text been drawn so poorly? What’s with the hard cut glow below ‘W’?

I’m not havin’ it.

(Oh and no album cover has ever been improved by having a fake-vinyl mark stuck on it.)


That font really hurts to look at it. I tool a ruler to the screen because it looks wonky even though it isn’t. the lightning bolt is gruesome and wow, that hard cut under the W really is shocking. Maybe it’s deliberately shoddy? How else can you explain it? Why am I taking this seriously?

Would have been nice for my jaw to drop like when I first saw the Hurley or Raditude covers and couldn’t believe what they were doing, this is just boring.

Just stick Van Weezer across this


My reading of this is that it is like a logo for an imaginary band you might have doodled on the back of your exercise book when you were 13 and dreaming of being a rock star. I think the over the topness and slight shoddiness are deliberate and quite endearing.

They did spoof style 80’s cover for each song on their Facebook and nearly all of them are better than the actual cover some are actually decent. For what it’s worth I think the actual cover has to be intentionally shit with that hard cut on the glow etc.