Worst Album Artwork - The Classic Edition

You’re crazy - that’s a beautiful sleeve. Only seems a bit hackneyed now because of how influential it was.

that’s Genesis and Cosey of Throbbing Gristle, by the way.

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I always thought he was a man of peace. Shocking stuff.

I think it’s great. Mike Love looks pissed off so job done.

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Chameleons have some fairly crap album covers:

looks like stuff that even the gaudiest of Prog rock bands would balk at.


The album is called Force it because Americans call a tap a Fawcett. Surprised nobody mentioned that!
Or was it just me that noticed?

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One of the most striking great band/awful cover mismatches.

See also Primus and Butthole Surfers.

Truly great trilogy of albums but always hated the artwork

they are vaguely new age-y, but I like them. Not the worst by a long shot.

I don’t mind The Colour of Spring cover but the others are pretty horrid. I think their drippy New Ageyness emphasises the least likeable aspects of the band too.

Script of The Bridge is particularly heinous, and that is an excellent album. The cover actually stopped me from buying it at the time - had they been on Factory I would have lapped them up.

Surely I can’t be the only one who likes all of those Chameleons and Talk Talk covers?

Pretty sure no-one could defend that Script of the Bridge cover

that’s probably the least horrid of those though. Still bad, mind you…

That 70s prog one with the young girl’s fanny on it

Another great artist/awful cover mismatch (albeit one of his worst albums)