Worst Artwork 2017


Sorry - posted my reply without having any knowledge of who he is. I retract what I said.


more contenders but there’s been no obvious ‘drones’ this year


There’ll never be another Drones. That set a standard that it would be unrealistic to expect anyone to match again.


muse have a new album on the way don’t they?





I think if the text was better I might love this



oh my lord!


this covered was featured in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly in their Hit or Miss thing they do on the last page (it was not a hit).




I guess he wanted something to show for all the money he’s spent on dental work.


I know it’s not up to Kasabian/Muse standards but I find this quite creepy



Twins remake was a bad idea.


Big fan of Balfie Bboe


Beat me to it.


this looks like a Snapchat face swap


what face was alfie pulling in all the other photos to make them decide to go with that one?


it’s not as obvious in this picture, but there’s a “photo by Udo Spreitzenbarth” credit underneath his picture.