Worst Artwork 2017


Pains me to post this as I love Ryan Adams but this is just shit





reminds me of all the Coke-induced Alt. Rock signing that populated every Used section in record stores in the 90s.


We’ve also got this in the best artwork of 2017 thread :smile:


Can’t make my mind up about it, but it’s got its own charm. Certainly not one of the worst of the year. Some of the other pictures by the same artist that are on the back cover (one for each song) are better than the one he chose for the front cover.


I’ve not seen the rest of the artwork but I had been meaning to check out the artist after reading about her in that article posted in the Jens Lekman thread. I like the idea of individual artwork for each track - that’s neat!


It works well on the vinyl - each of the songs is listed on the back together with a portrait, then the two sides of the record are identified by the portrait that goes with the first song on that side. Thusly:



That was me. Looked ace lined up in the new releases section of Fopp yesterday to be fair.


I absolutely love these! I think we need a poll for this one:

Jens Lekman - Life Will See You Now

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  • Worst

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This is great.


Is that actually real? I thought it was a piss take


It’s real. Staggering isn’t it?