Worst Artwork 2017


The fact this is the second forum I am on where the Kasabian has raised questions of ‘hold on, is that actually artwork?’ rather than comments of ‘it’s bad’ means it’s some next level shit.


Brilliant. Pure Spinal Tap.


there’s another forum?


I also thought someone had mocked it up as a joke.

Didn’t think anything was likely to come close to Catastrophist or Chaosmosis this year, but this has opened up a whole new level. Sensational!


I love Pumarosa and am super excited for their debut album but it’s a shame the artwork is so shit!


there’s a quote from the designer on the wiki page about this album:

“I really wanted to challenge how I previously approached art direction, through the deconstruction of the graphic design tools and their known formulas — which I have used in previous works with Kasabian”, Throup told It’s Nice That. “I’m really embracing the basics of default composition, whilst creating my own default design process through doing so. I even wanted to embrace and explore the beauty of default fonts.”




looks nice



Oh wow that’s special even for him


Almost Drones level, and I don’t say that lightly


I’d just about erased that one from my memory! Thanks for the reminder. Urgh!


better or worse than this?:


Never forget. Never forgive.


Fantastic album though.



That reminded me of a Tim Burgess album cover. A Google image search led me to this article:



I wonder if Burgess defended his reasoning for standing in for Laverne…

Was it the cover for Oh No I Love You that you were reminded of?


Yes it was.


Both look like they there were bashed out on Photoshop in under ten minutes! Also not a fan of either album title.