Worst Artwork 2017




bradley wiggins’ ill-advised move into minimal techno



Brush Script! In 2017!

Any album artwork with Comic Sans: see me after class.

Times New Roman bold and italic: bring forth the guillotine.



“you, in a field, windswept, sexy. sheep are watching. one peers out from between your legs. artist name and album title are in totally different fonts that massively clash with each other!!”

“yes, brilliant. just what i had in mind”


exceptional work.


i just googled her. she’s got (nsfw) form on the artwork front…



This is what happens when you get three quotes for your album artwork and just go for the cheapest.


I hope they’ve set aside some money to pay the copyright holders for using those characters






I thought they were dead.


‘Just one one small edit, could you please make the writing silver, don’t want it to stand out too much on the cloudy sky background.’




This is even worse with the barely legible silver typeface…


didn’t even bother to get a 3D pic of an acoustic guitar. I suppose the back could have blown off in the storm


Nah, it looks 3D. Just not deep enough.

This artwork has bigger issues.


Our work uses video of the fire at one of their gigs for the fire safety training. Grim stuff.