Worst Artwork 2017



Not sure we’ve got a “best artwork 2017” thread yet, so it’s sort of understandable that you posted this one in here by accident.



It’s that sheep peering through between her legs that really makes it.



Muse want their next album cover back.


For various reasons, I’ve heard a LOT of Nickelback in the past few weeks. They have one song that’s all about revolution. I wonder how long they’ve been WOKE?


that’s fucking amazing


Stand down everyone, time to end the thread.


Are you sure that isn’t an entry from one of our album cover game threads?

If nothing else: That’s a wonderful shade of pink.


If the album cover game was called “Can’t Afford The Photoshop Licence, Movie Maker Will Just Have To Do”, then yes, it may well be.


If you’ve not seen it yet, you’re in for a treat:


Some of those are amazing. Added my own attempt just now. Also Canva is fantastic.


Well, there’s several hours I’m going to lose to that over the weekend.


I read this as “Cher knows your enemy”

Would have been a better album if it had been obviously


Fuck me how did I not see this thread. I’ve cancelled all my other weekend plans.




Those tyre marks are really bugging me.


Chelsea Wolfe’s going for the dirty cat sitting in the corner look.