Worst Artwork 2018


Not going to make the final list but a strong start from The Vaccines. Do you guys like The Past?


to be fair that t-shirt is fucking great


the ever reliable Mr Satriani replacing his trademark crap sunglasses with some even worse ones


just saw this on pitchfork

Conway - GOAT


Pretty sure I would hate that album but I actually quite like the cover.


someone, somehwere is upset about him wearing different glasses, aren’t they?


Reminds me strongly of this


Fuck sake. The limited edition version (below) isn’t much better. Looks like Michael Jackson putting a Nu-Metal record out around the year 2000.


was reviewing this and the first paragraph i felt compelled to write was about the artwork.



This isn’t so bad! It’s just the text makes me what to read it out in SpOOooOky voice…


yeah that font is ridiculous! The large plain border thing only works if the simple text and photo are interesting/good and here they’re both terrible


Aha precisely! Maybe it looks better in physical formats…?


Porches have been dead for ten yeeeaaars…


Those that have come into contact with Porches presence have been met with an eery demand for another refill…