Worst Artwork 2018


Christ that really is a bag of shit isn’t it?


This looks like it’s been cut out of a poster for a Syfy original movie starring someone who was in Stargate SG-1



I hate to do it, because I love this band, but I can’t believe that they are seriously going to release an album with this cover:



I mean, they’ve always leaned heavily into their self-created imagery so this it kind of a logical end-point type of thing.


yeah and that was all shite too.


The music’s alright though.




this reminds me of a pal from work whose band just announced their new album with artwork that looks like a cybergoth version of this. tbf, they are basically a cybergoth band. no im not posting it (dm me)


can hardly believe this is real



What the fuck is that?


seems to be an EP by a rapper called Juice WRLD. Saw it when browsing new releases


Well, I guess…
Nope, no idea who would think that’s a good idea :hushed:


Shit version of this


A nomination from my son’s intimate knowledge of the ‘Soundcloud rap’ scene:



That’s just exactly the kind of bad energy that he is complaining about.


some kind of trend developing


Let’s call it ‘laziness’


they’ve blatantly ripped off the cover of my DiS Mixtapes Covers mix

mine was more clever and everything because of the double meaning

they’ll be hearing from my solicitor


also i’ve never heard of it as just ‘gab’ and not ‘the gab’. is this another weird thing where americans can’t say something right?