Worst Artwork 2018




Quite like this one tbh


Big fan of Oscar Jerome but this is a bit naff like, particularly given his EP covers are quite cool.




Aha I kinda love it and feel like it would look great in puzzle form!

Have you included this purely due to the relevance between album title and it’s artwork?


This is really good


I can’t quite put my finger on why I hate it. I really don’t like that cheeky postcard art style I guess. And that scoreboard annoys me (‘Hawkwind in to Batt’ - because Mike ‘The Wombles’ Batt is one the album! And Batt sounds a lot like Bat! Do you see?!). And the batsman looks like he’s falling over. And the bowler looks too close and is in a weird pose considering where the ball is. And why’s there a rabbit on the ground? What kind of weird Farthing Wood ass game of cricket is going on here?

No. No this is terrible and y’all are wrong.


:joy: I’m sorry but honestly all of the reasons you’ve stated have only liked it all the more! I mean yes it’s disproportionate, the wordplay is terrible and it’s unashamedly retro for retro’s sake but somehow I can’t help but warm to it.

Having said this, like fuck am I going give it a his album a spin.


Well, I shall respect your opinion and agree to disagree. If only because of all the hills I’m willing to die on the merits or lack thereof of a Hawkwind album cover in 2018 can’t be one of them.


No, certainly not! I mean without you bringing this to our attention, I wouldn’t have even known that Hawkwind were even still going so there’s at least something that can be gained from this!


FWIW, you’re right, that artwork is a disgrace.


Lloyd -TRU lp


serious contender here. I’m assuming it isn’t comedy music?


correct. r&b dude who’s been around for about 15 years.


I don’t know who this artist is, but sheesh, this is a rotten cover…



guy looks loads like a doll


‘Look into the eyes, not around the eyes…’


fucking hell what is he doing