Worst Artwork 2018


I haven’t disliked a single cover in this thread. I have incredible taste.




Oh come on! That can’t really be an album cover!?



It’s just a poster but it’s giving me terrifying flashbacks


Er? What the hell is this?



An amoeba music compilation.

And so help me if you reply with another cryptic fucking image I’ll ban you :grinning:


Not Amoeba-specific

It’s a promotional campaign for the new Travis Scott album that links to that really bad cover art; I do think these installations elevate him to a certain regal position in the worst artwork pantheon though. Working with much more marketing clout than, say, Kurt Elling

edit: for what it’s worth I think these are pretty cool, and I, a man who will likely never be able to install giant gold models of my head anywhere, would be reluctant to criticise a man who can. But it’s just that album cover that’s an eyesore innit


Indeed. It’s like a parody of what happens when you don’t pay enough


Fuck, I love Cactus records - that looks shit :frowning: can only hope they got shed loads of cash


Artwork aside it’s a highly anticipated and probably chart-bothering record in the States so I’d imagine it’ll prove to be a worthwhile endeavour for them; marketing cash, plus exposure and footfall from Travis Scott fans coming by to take photos etc


Yeah, no doubt - that place is always empty when I go there and there isnt some sort of instore going on





i quite like this…


Me too. It’s hideous but deliberately so and achieves exactly what it sets out to do. It’s not a bad bit of design.


Love Robyn but this is unspeakable