Worst Artwork 2018


That is literally amazing.


It’s pretty much a graphic representation of the record too.


I actually think the head is a good idea and works well as a marketing tactic, but it’s really poorly implemented with all the unpleasant stuff around it



I honestly had no idea The Coral were still going. Apparently there’s a member of the Zutons playing with them now. :joy:


The absolute fuck is going on here?

Actually that seems to be an alternative cover art

Not that I feel this one makes a great deal more sense but it certainly is a little better.

EDIT been listening to the album and it’s pretty decent.


Yeah, slightly better - we have those 3 balls on front, but that text font didn’t improve…


Why is that funny? They’re still great.


Because the Zutons were always seen as a knock-off Coral.

It would be like Vince from Erasure joining the Pet Shop Boys.


I don’t think so. Perhaps it depends on where you lived. As a teenager in Liverpool, The Zutons were seen as another group in an exciting local scene which, for a couple of years, felt massive.

Someone else who grew up in Liverpool in the early 00s listening to Shellac or something will probably leap in now and tell me I’m wrong. But for my friends and I, they were, if you will, a GBOL.


I apologise for the sheer number of commas in this post.


No problem.

From the Zutons’ Wikipedia page:

At first, the band had to battle comparisons to The Coral. Both bands were Merseyside bands prominent members of the Liverpool music scene, on the same record label, shared the same producer, Ian Broudie, and were good friends, with McCabe having previously written songs with James Skelly.

As I recall they had very similar instrumentation too.


They had a lead saxophonist. The Coral were more like an expanded Doors in terms of their instrumentation.


Edit: The Coral are grand tbf.


In terms of their instrumentation.

The Doors: Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Drums.

The Coral: Vocals, 2-3 Guitars, Bass, Organ, Drums.

…I knew what I meant, anyway.


Just messing mate.
I think you might have just described Kula Shaker also though :grinning:


I think this is it. Regardless of actual instruments in use, the use of the saxophone was distinct for The Coral and so I think the similar sound of The Zutons plus the sax is why they were perceived that way.

Whereas TONNES of bands have organ sounds so it doesn’t register.

Anyway, I accept that you have a personal connection to these bands but for the rest of us I think there is nothing particularly controversial in what I’ve said.


“The rest of us”

Speak for yourself!

Also, really can’t think of many Coral songs with a lead saxophone part. But anyway! Doesn’t really matter.


Again as a non fan I think I only ever heard a couple of songs by either that didn’t really make much impression on me.

When I refer to the rest of us I mean those of us who weren’t fans.


Don’t like either of them, don’t think they’re that similar really other than being scouse and a bit jangly.