Worst Artwork 2018


Is that from when they hit, what 15 (?) years ago or a later assessment listening to them now?


I’ve not listened to either of them out of choice since


Not a huge fan of either band although aware of most of their big songs. Up until this thread I’ve never once thought of The Zutons as a sub-Coral knock off? They seem very different to me.


don’t remember any Coral songs with a saxophone off the top of my head tbh? also never thought the two bands sounded particularly alike or recall hearing them in the same breath myself. i forgot The Coral were even from Liverpool.

heard one of their new songs on the Rough Trade podcast earlier and it sounded alright actually, mildly post-punk guitar which i wasn’t expecting. still not going to listen to an album with that cover though. also i had She Sings The Mourning on an NME CD years ago which i quite liked. maybe the album tracks were better than the singles?



Holy shit



I gave that new Coral album a spin.

It’s as bad as the cover art.


Oh so did I! I think it’s great. Very pleasant.

Thanks for sharing.


I tend to like hubro sleeves, this one included



Oh man this just makes me really sad. Surely someone could have come up with something a bit more inspired than this :slightly_frowning_face:


yeah… i mean they’ve had some bad artwork (in recent years) but this takes the biscuit. Shame, too, 'cos the art/concept to 50,000 Fall fans is great imo


it’s just a parody of this (and probably others) innit?

Not that it makes it great art, but at least there’s method to the madness.


(pinched my copy of this off my maw :grin:)


is this on Secret Records by any chance? they’ve been releasing unofficial random compilations (often with quite weird tracklistings as it must depends on which albums they’ve gained the rights to) for a few years now, with increasingly bad cover art.


oh, no it’s actually an official Cherry Red release! jesus

i mean it’s kind of nice that they’ve followed up on the other Elvis parody of the original compilation but probably could have put a bit more effort into the photoshopping.


You referring to the Secret Records doing the Ex Girl and Snakefinger albums? I’m ‘friends’ with that guy on Fb for some reason.


Yeah, dunno if I should be surprised Cherry Red would release this. I hadn’t clocked the continuation of the Elvis theme.


Hmm reference aside, like @Icarus-Smicarus said it’s a piss poor photoshop job!