Worst Artwork 2018



Beautiful. Telecaster wearing a napkin is a great touch



Playing the hardest game ever and trying to guess where in London that is. I’ll say between Bow Church and Devons Road DLR, for no other reason than two years ago there someone offered me his business card (for cocaine)


I’ll take your word for it haha.
I’d imagine the driver as he passed her was like “What in the name of fuck!?”


if it wasn’t for the post above i wouldn’t have had any idea it was another Elvis parody tbh

from Google it looks like there’s 2 different Secret Records. it’s a British one that seems to specialise in putting our reissues and dodgy compilations


Quite like this.The image doesn’t really work with the album title but it’s a cool shot!


“I hope that font looks better from the front”


only noticeably bad thing for me is the text looking like it was added in MS Paint.

having tried to add album cover text in Paint i know it’s quite hard to use Paint and make it look like it wasn’t done in Paint.


That and the big fake spider did it for me.


woah how did i not notice that?




ah, yeah. Different fella.


Definitely looks Tower Hamletsy


reliably awful stuff here


rushes into thread ah, too late


Ha, knew this would be posted here before I got chance. Never let me down DIS


I never thought they could top the cover to Drones, but they’ve gone and done it! Really hoping this is album where they discover vaporwave


I think I love this. I mean it’s cringy as fuck but very well executed in it’s ridiculousness


Great stuff