Worst Artwork 2018


wrong thread pal


The hot streak of hideous Residents artwork continues


quite weird to do an homage that is just exactly the same as the original isn’t it


It is. I was just going by what it said on his Wikipedia page but agree with you.


JEFF The Brotherhood - Magick Songs


hmmm, I’m gonna have to flag this one as a wrong threader i’m afraid, that’s fine.


“TK Maxx, your one-stop shop for a happy Halloween”



Wow. That album title as well, everythimg about this image screams “this is going to be really really shit”


Everything starting with the words ‘Good Charlotte’ appearing on it prominently


Is that Generation RX or Generation PX


RX I assume - medical shorthand for prescription.

Not sure wtf it has to do with Halloween masks though…



if they’d just done something better with the text (or nothing at all) then it would be great, but man that font kills it stone dead


Aye it’s a total shame about the text because the more I see the image, the more I find it rather striking and captivating. Neneh Cherry is cool af regardless and the album will undoubtedly great sooo :man_shrugging:


Saw her at Village Underground last night and she was bloody great. Album sounds good too.


Very jealous! She previewed quite a lot from the new record then?


Aha well I am no expert on her work TBH but yeah - it seemed like the entire (pre-encore) set was new album stuff. Mainly coz she said she was going to play some old stuff for the encore. Spoiler: she played Man Child but she DIDN’T play Buffalo Stance shocker! Defo going to see her again at the Roundhouse next year.


Listened to this again earlier, it’s definitely a very good album. I probably prefer it to Julia Jacklin’s solo stuff.



Whaas with the needless white boarders?