Worst Artwork 2018


An unintentional theme seems to be developing here


Might want to NSFW that one, opened the thread whilst in the lift with a paying customer! Hoping she wasn’t looking over my shoulder :grimacing:

Otherwise top, top work :+1:t2: Strong early contender for the year in January!


Right I can’t get it to post here, and I’m not going to google it because it’s a band called Soggy Butt Queef and an album called The Ass Shank Redemption



There’s… a lot going on here.


Well for a start there’s the blind spot: it’s hard enough to insert a flash drive even when you have it firmly in your sights. Plus, how the fuck would it work underwater? And why would anyone choose to modify a shark in this way? To what end? Perhaps their stereoscopic vision would make them a good tool for capturing undersea video footage. Maybe this freakish experiment is where those animatronic animal cameras favored by recent nature programs will eventually lead; the ‘behind the scenes’ sections of Blue Planet 3 revealing a menagerie of atrocities worthy of Dr Moreau.

Or maybe it’s just a shit album cover.





Weirdly kind of like this :smiley:


Where can I get such a truth telling timepiece?
Looks like my phone couldn’t hack it when I enthusiastically tried to post craig’s art immediately after seeing his poster so let’s try again…


It looks like he’s in a hamster wheel.


Looks like he’s in a shit clock


Wow so many strong contenders already


Wish he called it “IT IS CRAIG DAVID O’CLOCK”


Given up trying to convince my daughter that this cover is not ‘really cool’ and so take my revenge here.


A clock that simply tells you that ‘the time is now’ is not that useful.




Is that mashed potato or cauliflower?