Worst Artwork 2018


his run of album/mistape art is amongst the greatests of all time


This doesn’t belong here, but I thank u for showing it to me


true. here are some more classic mixtape covers from peewee:





Why do I have an overwhelming urge to download that album now???:wink:




Hasn’t he got lovely hair? Might have overdone it on the old lip-gloss, though…


Might have overdone the Botox on one side of his face.


Wow, thats bad. Quite like the typography but everything else is so cheesy, even if he’s going for cheese its not working.








I think it’s time to choose the definitive worst of the year. 10 Likes gets you on the shortlist.

  • Jack White

  • Joe Satriani

  • Skindred

  • That weird cat woman one

  • Sean Noonan

  • Sunrise Auranaut

  • Muse

  • Example

  • Overweight Swim Team

  • Path of Ilya

  • Jonathan Wilson

  • Chvrches

  • The skanky looking bloke by the car one

  • Jordan F

  • Marteen

  • OMG Ronnie

  • The man with a massive dick in the woman’s mouth one

  • DJ Afterthought

  • David Garfield

  • Sam Smith

  • The gun/microphone one

  • Thirty Seconds to Mars

  • The Pale

  • Arp Frique

  • Sting and Shaggy

  • A Perfect Circle

  • Prophet

  • Neko Case

  • Chromeo

  • Lloyd

  • John Grant

  • Andorra Ills

  • Roy Buchanan

  • Neneh Cherry

  • Eminem

  • Good Charlotte

  • The one with the men in wedding dresses

  • Van Morrison

  • The face made out of trees and bats and things

  • Enchastre

  • Odd Beholder

  • The naked gymnast one

  • Gabriel Grassi

  • Ace Freheley

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Just been showing the tv some of these. She lold at these, as did I


Theyre both actual good artwork, so it doesnt count.


What doesn’t count… laughing at funny things?


They dont count as examples of the worst artwork of 2018. Theyre funny, but not in a bad way.


Something like the Jack White one will always be worse because it is obviously meant seriously and has probably had a lot of money spent on it. I agree with you about Arp Frique - it’s obviously meant to be funny. Not sure about Little Dragons though. I think that might be just, you know, ‘bad’


A lot of these I still genuinely like, and a few are legit clever and/or good. But the Jack White album is the most egregious of the bad simply because an artist with his cachet, the biggest name in the thread (sorry Van M) who must have near complete control over the aesthetics of his releases these days, should have looked at that artwork and said ‘nah fam’.