Worst Artwork 2018


I get this one - it is a tribute to all of those 80’s covers. The giveaway is in the font and the dress code, the poses even. Very postmodern, or is it metamodern these days? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like something a 14 year old would knock up as a slide for a presentation… A presentation about sassy birds living the good life idk


It is very half arsed portmodernity though, to the point of just being a weak imitation. Also, awful band name. Quite like the font, so some pity points there.


Is there any need for them to look quite so smug and punchable?



Yeah…should have posted this myself ages ago. What makes this so bad is that it’s even made me question whether the actual album will be any good. I thought his first 2 were really good…but I expect this to be no better than a cheap FJM imitation.






ahaha I almost want to listen to Marteen now


Is it wrong that I agree with the guy in the suit about the haircut?



That whiteboard is a meme waiting to happen.


A bit late, but what band/album is this?? I need to know who thinks it’s acceptable to put water in a kettle that way :open_mouth:


It’s how I do it


Kero Kero Bonito.


Sometimes when the top opening button is buggered it’s the only way


Cheers, I listened to the EP fully expecting to hate it but actually it’s pretty good! Which just makes the aggressively poor cover even worse by association


I really like this its clearly an ode to bad 90s 3d art. It looks like its straight out of LSD: Dream Emulator or something