Worst Artwork 2018



Damn! You beat me to it.

I was particularly keen to get recognition for this as he’s one of my son’s favourites.


That poor goat looks terrified. Poor thing.


What a week!


This one is good, actually.


what are you talking about this is great



Not artwork but hopefully an indicator of something beautiful to come


Brings to mind…



El-P (left), Killer Mike (right)


That would really makes it worse




Literally just downloaded and came here to post this piece of shit image.


It’s really hard to remember that there was a time when Jack White seemed kind of cool.


This is going to take some beating.


he was never cool m8


Genuinely didn’t know this was the cover until today. I think most of the press I’ve seen is so embarrassed by it/still pretending he’s in any way cool that they’re using the press shots he’s done instead. Which are, tbf, quite nice, which makes this EVEN WEIRDER.

Can’t stand him mind so good of him to reveal how rubs he is so blatantly


It’s just inexplicably bad. Who on earth thought it looked good?


As awful as lot’s of the covers posted here are i always feel like stuff like this and Muse should get special derision because they have clearly cost a lot of money and presumably have been seen by and signed off by a lot of people.