Worst Artwork 2018


Yes. There’s a big difference between something a bit shoddy produced for no money for something self-released on Bandcamp and something truly ugly and pretentious presumably ‘designed’ by highly paid professionals.


I honestly think this is the worst cover of all time, taken in context.

Also, RE: Marteen…it really annoys me that he’s looking at the camera not the teacher. Rude bastard


worst of all time is too far!

Was about to defend it but then just looked at it some more and the way the neck and shoulders don’t look like they belong to the face annoyed me.


It’s bad but:

Never forget. Never forgive.



Guarantee this is well within the box


The concept is fine unlike Muse whos concept is the worst attempt at satire in existance.


Yes. The Muse cover is not just ugly (although god knows it’s ugly) but also has a level of smug pretentiousness that takes it to a whole new level that will probably never be matched.


The worse thing about that is that there is no way he could fit in that box.


The concept isnt as bad, sure, but the execution makes me recoil back whenever I see. Muse just makes me laugh…it’s nowhere near as repulsive


:rofl: gets points for making me laugh



and the best album of the week that could also be called Lingerie & Tubs goes to…




Is it just me, or does he look like he’s having a wee in an alleyway?


His proximity suggests a lot of splash-back! But then he does have the unkempt, downtrodden look of a man who cares not how sodden he is with his own urine!


Hands free too. It’s just how he rolls.


is this terrible? I think it probably is. Too much going on and poorly executed. Maybe without the text I might like it though…anyway it made me think of this thread so here it is


I believe it’s terrible.