Worst Artwork 2018


i need to hear this album


great album too


this is kinda good imo


Peewee Longway — Spaghetti Factory

this is actually good tho


It’s sad to me how bad Daz’s full catalog of album art is (outside of a couple ok covers).



It’s like what you’d do if you wanted a Pen & Pixel cover but couldn’t afford to hire them.


as in “beyond the…”?


As in the old part of the East coast of Ireland.
Fuck gash band, never understood why people liked them


haha I didn’t expect a serious answer to this but thanks :smiley:


Dear lord almighty the new A Perfect Circle



And it’s called Eat The Elephant.

That’s clearly not an elephant lads.


Ah, beat me to it. What an absolute mess.


As much as I love them, the new Yo La Tengo artwork is rubbish - it looks like I’ve let the sleeve get damp and a few patches of mould have formed as a result.

Made worse by a completely different image on the back cover and sleeve/inner sleeves giving the overall package a complete lack of coherence.


don’t actually mind the image, and the video where it was moving was nice, but the corner logo is very lazy



File under ‘deliberately rubbish trying to be clever’



i don’t mind it, mainly because the version of the artwork on Spotify is so bad:

that it was a relief to see the actual record