Worst Artwork 2018



The Polyphonic Spree have slimmed down a bit.







Good jesus!



Google translate tells me that


Means ‘mixed up’

I was trying to work out if it was ‘America’ written in some dodgy Russian script so I guess it could have been worse?


Pusha-T new album. Not even going to post the image tbh.

  1. Doesn’t work in any way whatsoever as an album cover.
  2. Just really - no. It’s not big and it’s not clever. Have an iota of decency.


in his interview with Angie Martinez Push says that Kanye chose that photo literally 48 hours ago, paid $85k to license it, and just told Pusha he was doing it without giving him a choice. classic ye.


Stones Throw: “So it’s your first album for 30+ years, what do you want for the album cover?”
Prophet: “Maybe something that looks like a half-arsed Paint/Microsoft Word job.”
SR: “Say no more.”





oh my god


Sorry @pornenberg should’ve scrolled up… but it’s that bad it deserves another mention.


I mean that can’t be real



Ha I quite like this. Not on a ‘it’s great’ way but it’s quite joyous


quite like this tbh