Worst/best films to watch when you're stoned/high?

This is a weird film. One of the first scenes is the brutal slaughtering of a cow at a halal abattoir, followed by a load of arguments and fights. My head fell off before it got good. I assume it gets good anyway, it’s on the Sight and Sound Top 250 list. Think Jay-Z and Beyonce referenced it on some artwork recently. It’s fucking visually stunning, mind. Scorsese restored it. Looks colourised.

We cant stop here, this is where bats live lol


‘Akira’ for both answers please.


I watched Mulholland Drive whilst stoned. I must’ve been about 17 and I’d never seen a Lynch film, or anything like it, and I was very high. Life was never the same after that.

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Best - Monkees film ’Head’

Worst - Alive

Fantastic Planet

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I just remembered Alan titchmarsh’s hands

tried to do this but fell asleep half way through so have no idea what that film was about just know there were two youngish women talking

First time I saw From Dusk til Dawn was absolutely rollocksed, woke up next morning not quite remembering it but thinking it was ace. Rewatched it and had no memory of it turning into a batshit horror type thing. That was a surprise :flushed:


obviously i’ve never done drugs cos they’re really bad and will ruin your life n shit etc but i once met someone who told me that watching Requiem For A Dream when you already know the ending and you’re very stoned is an incredibly bad idea


Side note; I was intensely baked when I first watched Tarkovsky’s Stalker and it blew my mind

I was stone cold sober the 2nd time I saw it and I felt like I was intensely baked & it blew my mind

Would not recommend watching Holy Mountain when stoned either but there’s a fair few folks who’d strongly disagree with that opinion I guess


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Reefer Madness

Last time I smoked (a long time ago) I watched the Phantom Of The Paradise and cried my eyes out. Great movie.

Worst: fear and loathing
Best: the good, the bad and the ugly


Best - The Holy Mountain
Worst - The Holy Mountain

As a habitually sober person, I can only imagine what that would be like. In my mind’s eye, I can picture me breaking out into a fit of giggles whenever the word “professor!” emerges from the Russian dialogue (as, to be fair, I did a bit when in my habitually sober state).

This also reminds me that last time I watched it, during the opening bit of text, describing how the event effected “our small country”, I said - almost involuntarily - “Russia’s not a small country, Tarkovsky, you fucking idiot!”

It’s what happens when you’re home alone with only Soviet art cinema keeping you company on a grey afternoon


My friend said watching Eraserhead while a tad high and with speakers that couldn’t quite handle the constant machine drones was a freaky deaky^ experience

^ “freaky deaky” being my words, not his


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