Worst brand you encounter in everyday life


I think it’s Ryanair, isn’t it? It’s Ryanair.

Totally fuck Ryanair.




Paddy Power


oh yeah him too actually. Fuck Ryanair AND Russell Brand


this is a good one


Sky probably


Drowned in Sound


I go to Asda a lot and I always leave feeling unhappy.

Ryanair is bad but “everyday” - I’m not pniki!


It’s not going to be Ryanair every day surely?

Unless you work at an airport or etc I suppose…


they’re insidious enough to annoy me even during promotional emails


I can’t like this enough - so this post is equivalent to about 14 billion individual likes.


yeah great call


“Every” day brands

You nature ravaging simpleton


sorry pal can’t hear you from up above the clouds (being sold a scratchcard in a tiny seat)




Sorry, that was unneccesary.

Enjoy all the dead pandas .


EMO and I are making suits out of them


Sports Direct

Sometimes need to go in there for parenting reasons (things like football boots, swimming goggles, PE trainers etc

Always come out of there feeling hot, stressed and unhappy about mankind


Transport for London


Ryanair are good