Worst Clothes


Really hate Fred Perry. If you’re gonna get a polo shirt, go for classic Lacoste ffs.

Also, things with excessive zips.


short sleeve shirts


pointy brogue type shoes.

ice hockey jerseys worn outside the ice hockey rink.


Cowboy hats and cowboy boots



all my clothes that I wear :cry:


Maplin’s fleece, not directing this at anyone here in particular.


@deadonthestairs once gave me a national geographic fleece cause I was cold at work :slight_smile:


Nu - metal shorts


terrible, terrible answer for this thread


leather jacket.

just so bad on everyone.


fuckin ell man you and antpo need to go to cool school


OP: Worst clothes = Fred Perry. Best = Lacoste. :rofl:

They’re literally the same just one has a crocodile.


The thought of you wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots is making me quite angry


Superdry, stone island, or jeans with elasticated bottoms (bottoms of the jeans not bums)


dude come on


On men, it’s painted-on jeans.

See also drop-crotch joggers. Just make you look like you’re wearing a nappy.


plus a leather jacket now too apparently!


oh, I wouldn’t dare, but c’mon man it’s a classic look for your authentic country dude


despite being vegan and meant to be against this, I couldn’t disagree more. I think leather jackets look incredible. leather belts, bags, shoes etc. think dead cows is just a really good look :confounded: