Worst Clothes


Oh yeah, the current trend for ripped jeans really irritates me for some reason too.

band t-shirts for babies


3 of my m9s walked into the pub with leather jackets on saturday and I was like ‘Oooo, managed to get parking for your bikes!!!’ and they all looked really unamused.


I guess cos it’s not a great joke?

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Longline t-shirts

I just don’t understand them at all


it was a fantastic joke.

Wedge Trainers

I guess you could wear no trousers with them and run about like winnie the pooh

Here are some items I loathe:

Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, neckerchiefs, slide guitars, harmonicas, banjos.

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there’s no such thing as a slide guitar tone

Smee “Tex” Smee, they call him.


Whats that thing called that makes a guitar make that noise in that case?

a slide. there is a different instrument called a dobro which is like a guitar but with a raised action and that you play on your lap (with a slide).

Yeah, I hate them in that case.

which one?

All of them

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the fact that you’re probably not even wearing pants is just making me angrier.

might come round the shop and pelt it with eggs or something.

i don’t actually believe you. I think you love them and wish you had the wherewithal to do something as brave and sexy as play the banjo and also you are as we speak browsing the used van section of the auto trader website and weeping at your own ineptitude.