Worst clothing designs that no one should ever wear


beginning with a classic ofc.





That pair of denim shorts that ASOS want people to wear around their stomach is surely the winner here?


(unless they’re doing their footballer cosplay I suppose)


Those jeans with massive gaping holes at the knees.


That’s a classic? Literally never seen it before.


I think Mom jeans look pretty good when done well

Didn’t click link to see pocket holes


i mean you don’t see a lot, man.




What if you’re really cold?


(not you personally, unless you need a fleece to preserve body temperature, in which case RIP)





Those jumpers that have a fake shirt sewn into the collar to give the illusion that you’re wearing two items of clothes rather than one.


balonz really wants to find that dressing gown image, i can feel it


great answer


I wouldn’t wear one but that is fine isn’t it. Functional. It’s worse when people think they are being super badboys and look like pricks.


This was a good one from 6-7 years ago. Maison Martin Margiela woven leather armour, RRP only £7,500 (yes, really).



No it’s not you just feel bad about it