Worst clothing designs that no one should ever wear


Pink polo shirts


I would love to be able to wear a cape (and not be ridiculed)

Capes, cloaks, ponchos all a real GBOL




Alright Jared Leto


Never trust someone in a suit


I don’t mind a cape, but that one made me snigger in its po-faced formality. If you’re going to wear a cape, go all out.




Stop replying to me you oaf (in here, otherwise welcomed)



I can’t find another thread you are posting in


This type of hat is always a no.




I would really like these trousers to go away forever


“Yeah my shoulder is cold, but who needs painless joints?”


Thank you for engaging with this thread correctly <3


Thank you for making it, I live for this stuff!!!

ASOS have actually dialed down a lot of their most heinous stuff, which is good. They had an awful “shitty fake metal t-shirt with a bright orange ruff sewn across the chest” phase in Autumn.


Spoke too soon! £22 for this:

And the back on this one. :frowning:


oh i had a post typed out about cold shoulder tops but got distracted before pressing reply and then you posted this. seriously who is buying these and why do they want cold shoulders??

clothing with bits cut out in general actually


Shit tops and t-shirts masterpost

Not a top but… wow

When u love each other but are completely incompatible

And included these because… oh god why


Going to need to get a suit for a job interview for the first time in 9 years. no idea where to start. Strap in for a fun “help make me a workforce drone” thread tomorrow.

I hate suits.