Worst comeback ever?


European fascism. Wahey! #currentevents Er, seriously. I’m not sure. Every time Oasis or the Gallaghers have released a new record since 1997? Heard bad things about the recent Black Flag album, still too scared to listen to it a few years on


My Vitriol


I know you are but what am I


A garbage man


Nah that’s deep blue!!!


Gotta be MV for the way they have alienated their fans



Pixies has pretty bad, awful music, lost a key band member


Pixies’ come back has been so bad it has almost retroactively wiped them out of musical history


The bloke from Ride wore that hat


That was Razorlight


They’ve just had a 3 year album cycle haven’t they?


Honourable mention to Guns ‘n’ Roses:

An album title that was nearly stolen by The Offspring:


Depends, if you’re after breaking up a bands legacy and ruining a good thing then yeah… the above… the bassist from joy division singing their songs :confused:

But for comical… S club 3 is pretty shit… even by their standards


I didn’t have high expecations for it, but that new Jesus and Mary Chain album was worse than I thought it would be. It didn’t help that a couple tracks appeared in superior forms elsewhere.


5ive when they came back with four of them.


It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to either but I always thought that the My Bloody Valentine and Soundgarden comebacks were disappointing. If mbv had been released by a new band I don’t think it would have gotten any attention at all, and King Animal (with the exception of “By Crooked Steps”) was like a plodding slow death. And one of the songs if I remember correctly was a complete watering down of “Holy Water” off of Badmotorfinger, they didn’t even try to disguise it at all.


maybe, hadn’t heard of them apart from the DiS joke for over a decade.


Given how bad Chinese Democracy should be, it’s actually ok.


That Jane’s Addiction album from the mid-00s was total shite. And second someone’s shout of Soundgarden. Ooof. So dull.

Also: Blur’s ‘Magic Whip’. Yawnsville.