Worst Customer Service Experiences

Let it all out, please. Maybe I’ll feel better about my current situation.

December: mum sends me some headphones from the UK, the Royal Mail deliver it to CTT here in Portugal. Then… nothing.

January I spent chasing them up for three other parcels, and paying the customs fee. This entire thing takes the whole month, roughly 10 lunch breaks and hours spent online.

February I brave it and ask about my headphones. They say that they sent me a letter about the customs fee and that I didn’t respond. They did not send me anything.

They say they will be sent back to the UK but guess what… They haven’t been! A month later and they’re still sat in Lisbon. When asked, they say they will send them ‘as soon as possible’. It’s been a month! They say that as the customs process is closed they can’t let me pay for the headphones.

I hate them so much. So much. My next step is sending a Portuguese friend to them to see if they have better luck :crossed_fingers:

Hbu? Which companies do you hate most?

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Yodel. At one point in the customer chat, after days of trying to sort it out, and hours waiting to get connected to someone online the guy just closed the chat and I hadn’t been rude or anything. Cant even remember what the delivery was, some beer or something and it took weeks to finally arrive. Die!

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Had pretty much the same with some beers from Denmark. Just disappeared into UPS network and I couldn’t speak to anyone, emails were never answered.

Three months after they were sent I got a letter asking for 80 customs fee (they were worth about 40 tops) I emailed the address on the letter and politely told them where they could stick them after all this time (the sender was great and already refunded me) and I never got a reply.

Roughly another 3-4 months later they just delivered them with the box looking like it had been down a coal mine for 6 months with no explanation. They were fine so I drunk them.


Admiral once put my car insurance up by £300 without justification and took the money from my account without telling me. When challenged they claimed I’d agreed to the charge on a phone call, which I was quite easily able to prove had never taken place. They’re absolute cunts and I truly hate them.

This level of shit fuckery is …admirable.


I bought a car and the salesmen added me to the logbook for the wrong car. I call the DVLA and they tell me I need to send in a letter to explain. I send the letter and meanwhile the salesmen add me to the right car (I’m now on the logbook for two separate cars).

THe DVLA get my letter and remove me from the correct car and keep me on the wrong car. I call again, they tell me there’s a form I need to fill in that they’ll send me (I don’t receive it). Meanwhile the car I don’t have gets a red light ticket and I get the fine from the London Borough. I write to the borough to say I don’t have the car and they write back to say that actually they spoke to the DVLA and I am in fact the owner of that car.

I ended up writing letters to the CEO and making multiple complaints, the DVLA respond by telling me off for not returning the form (which I’ve told them several times I didn’t receive) and I end up having to take the claim all the way to the public services ombudsman who, a year a half after I bought the car, finally convinces them to admit they made multiple mistakes and got £350 compensation from them.


Also I think Yodel just use local couriers to do their stuff, so thought when it finally arrived would complain to the person why they had hung on to my package for so long and then the person delivered it was like the henchest person I’d ever seen so was just “oh thanks mate!”


Scottish Power, now and forever

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Zurich Insurance and all affiliated companies operating on their behalf, with contractor C Hanlon heading up the list. Took six months to replace a water-damaged kitchen that should’ve easily been done and dusted in six weeks maximum. Hammered Zurich big time, and eventually got some goodwill compensation, which was enough for me to move on with my life without ongoing dormant rage, but I wouldn’t touch 'em with yours.

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NatWest. Fucked up their comms when they closed a branch and transferred my account without notice, got my address wrong, forced me into a repayment scheme, whilst still a student, to make up for their shortcomings. Absolutely on the shitlist.

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Virgin Media - allowed the person moving into the flat we were selling to set up an account at that address before we were out, resulting in them closing our account early and passing it onto an aggressive debt collection company. Told them both to get fucked and never heard anything more about it.

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Sony Xperia. Shit repair service. Couldn’t fix a fault, but wouldn’t admit it and wanted infinite chances to have another go. Nah. John Lewis (who I’d bought the phone from) made a weak attempt to take the Sony approach. Nah. Replacement or refund, please. JL took a little persuading, but relented. Didn’t have a replacement in stock. Refund it was.

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