Worst department in big companies/organisations

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Which department do you work in?

HR are the worst department and HR managers the worst people in any company I have ever experienced.


the department of hard knocks


That’s the worst


… I don’t really know to be honest. I’m sure they’re all lovely.

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HR. Everywhere I’ve worked, the HR team has excelled at making simple stuff infinitely more complicated.

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Got an email the other week saying that after significant effort and multiple consultations, the department that handles all the computer stuff is being rebranded back to: IT

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wouldn’t dispute that.

But comms… shudder


we’ve currently got an amazing consultation going on in a department who are arguing about (incredibly) slight variations on their name.

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It’s currently accepted by upper management that my department has been about 40% over capacity in workload for over a year. They came up with a sensible plan to fix this, which involves a little bit of restructuring.

It hasn’t happened in the six months since they decided on the plan because the new job role it would create doesn’t fit into HR’s universal job role grid thing.

It’s HR.


IT for us. So, so infuriatingly shit

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I have no idea how good our IT department is, because I found one really competent person who I call with any issues instead of logging them with the proper system, because I’m punk as Grint.

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That’s the dream.

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It’s The TST

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I work in comms. You’re probably right!

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i don’t think our hr department here are too bad, but at my old company our hr contact could be absolutely relied upon to spell at least 1 in 5 new starters’ names wrong on internal documentation and leave at least one job applicant’s passport on the photocopier at every round of interviews

I concur with thewarn and bozo

Mind you, I felt exactly the same about IT when I was the same as the guy Epimer contacts.

The more meetings per head per week a department has, the worse they are.

It’s interesting going from a large company to a really small one. Our CTO still does payroll here as he’s the only person, and he’s great. Last place was awful. I think there’s a direct correlation with size and how shit these departments are.