Worst domestic chore

Or at least, the second worst because epimer said hanging out the washing is objectively the worst:

I’m mulling it over, but it’s probably washing dishes or vacuuming.

Cleaning the oven


I have made my feelings clear in

Cleaning the outdoor food bin.

Hanging the laundry up. Awful.



(Ironing would be top but I don’t do that. Don’t even own an iron #indiepoints )



ironing is the worst. thinking of becoming one of those tory types who pays someone to do it for me

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perhaps this all belongs in the politics thread, soz

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Hoovering is actually good


talk sense man

When you get a new hoover it is good to be able to use it

I’ve got people* for both of those things so they’re fine.


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For the purpose of clarity, i’ve got a machine for the vacuuming too, I don’t crawl around sucking on the floor with my mouth but I still don’t like the machine.

Is yours one of those ones that wanders around the place by itself?

Hoovering is good once every 8 years isn’t much of an argument in favour of it.

(I’m guessing hoovers last about 8 years, 2 if Dyson)

I got my new hoover on November 24th. I used it on Saturday morning with joy in my heart.


well, i suppose that is sensible

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Done this once in 16 years and haven’t died so suggest you could save yourself the effort.


don’t know I’d fancy that, it might walk in during sex or something (I imagine)