Worst domestic chore

It can’t open doors, and also you set its schedule so you can make sure it doesn’t conflict with the sex calendar.

It has to be dishes. Manky wet food bits, splashback, and you have to just stand there the whole time. Hoovering is practically fun in comparison.

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As a kid I always thought cleaning the toilet would be the worst household chore but it’s easy and satisfying as fuck

Nah, quite like doing the dishes. Whack something on Spotify, and plough through a load of dirty dishes

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Hoovering, ironing, washing up are all fine.

Hanging laundry up is definitely the worst.

Only indoors though, outside it is an absolute joy.

I don’t mind washing up too much, especially if we do it together.
We both absolutely hate doing the laundry, worst bit is folding and putting away.
Cleaning out Winnies litter tray is a pain, both the daily poo scoops and the big clean out every 2-weeks or so. I put my back out leaning over washing it out last year.
Giving the bathroom a proper full clean is so boring I ended up crying last time.
I think I just really bloody hate all chores tbh.

I don’t hoover outside.

Nothing comes close in terms of hassle. Maybe defrosting a freezer.

And even if you do it properly, the oven doesn’t feel properly brand new clean.

A bad thing in my life is that the majority of my socks are all just plain-black socks which should make things very easy. Unfortunately I am in a position now where I have three very slightly different types of plain-black sock in my collection so pairing them up to hang the laundry correctly is a stupid nightmare.

No wonder your garden’s such a shit hole.


“I thought that incessant beeping for the last 5 mins was… a car alarm or something”

Our dishwasher beeps when it’s done but the washing machine doesn’t. Fuck off dishwasher, nobody needs to know that.

Replacing all my socks with 12 pairs of identical Uniqlo black socks changed my life in this regard

I’m only able to be a semi functional adult because of having a dishwasher. Absolutely dreading moving out next year into a place that probably won’t have a dishwasher. Washing dishes is genuinely horrific.

Laundry is fine and it’s baffling how many people both on here and irl have issues with it looks at housemate

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I don’t want to turn this into a ‘rant about flatmates’ topic but Christ, sometimes I’m baffled by stuff my flatmate struggles to do. Her dry laundry from about 2 months ago is still sitting in the lounge. How? Why?!

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I could have written this about mine if you substitute lounge for bathroom. MONTHS! and when she eventually clears it, more appears in its place!! :sob:

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I’m basically a laundry professional (heated minky? For amateurs) but it’s still a shit job.

This is how I feel about doing the dishes. We didn’t have a dishwasher until last August and it’s fine.

Wash up as you cook, put stuff to soak after plating up, wash what’s left before going to bed. It’s stupidly easy.

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Washing dishes is the best, relaxing and you can listen to music or whatever during it. Also makes the kitchen look 9000% cleaner afterwards which is satisfying.

Ironing is unappealing but actually okay once you’re doing it.

Laundry-related stuff is the worst, yeah.