Worst fan demographic

The Courteeners - boring personality-less Mancs, sort’ve halfway between the Oasis demographic and the Robbie Williams’. Can imagine them all being related to Carla Connor on Coronation Street.



Even though I like them - Crystal Castles maybe?

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Any happy hardcore. A lot of that EDM party stuff as well. You know the ones that are all about the very predictable drop. Had some students neighbours who would blast that out at 2am on a Tuesday. Also tend to be a right bunch of nos inhaling lads (this is a thread for unwarnted broad generalisations right?)

As for the biggest gulf of talent to fan base it has to be Bob Marley. A bunch of the worst kind of stoners love the guy and see him as some god like figure.

You know those that want to be rasta without realising that it’s hard to translate such a belief system to a white guy who grew up in a lovely suburban town. Thankfully most people grow out of it.

Obviously Bob Marley is great though and I’m just gently poking fun. (I prefer his earlier stuff)


The people whose parents weren’t into music.
Sounds cuntish, but I know a few of these ppl, and they really love the music they love so why does it matter, but the music they love are Drakes latest singles Bastille, 21 pilots, Coldplay, kodaline etc.
None of them have ever listened to a full album.
They’re the worst because they could like good music but it’s too much of a leap.

And by good music I do mean music I like, which is very stupid, but I think u all know what I mean from this post

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What an absurd bunch of generalisations

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Here’s a thought: my parents were into music in the 60s: my dad once listed come of the acts he’d seen (Otis, Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Marvin Gaye and so on) … However, when we were growing up we hardly listened to any music in the car, or anything.

So I got into music in spite of my dad not directly passing the baton down. My friends were a bigger influence, plus the NME and later the internet.

Definitely “real music” rock wankers. Dickhead at my work worships the Foo Fighters and is always posting smug statuses on Facebook talking down successful hip-hop or pop artists, usually with an unsettling undercurrent of racist and/or sexism. Makes a big deal about whether or not artists write their own songs/ play their own instruments. Posts those arsehole memes where it’s like posting the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody vs Work by Rihanna with “Uffufufu proof that music is getting worse” or something equally awful. Type of person who always talks at length about why they’re an atheist, like it makes them some sort of ground breaking genius. Also got that fragile masculinity complex where they go on about their beard or wounds or meat they’ve eaten and link it back to manhood. Awful people, you know the ones.


You mean this guy?

Some picks: "As a music fan, and Glastonbury virgin (not festival virgin) I have been waiting eagerly and checking daily for updates on headliners. I have notifications set up on my phone, so I receive Emily’s tweets instantly. As soon as I read that she was “pleased” to announce Kanye, I fought the temptation to scream and instead opted to hurl my iPhone across the room.

Two years ago, we had Rolling Stones playing the Saturday night, and this year we get Kanye West? “It’s an outrage! Something must be done!"

“Glastonbury is an institution. It is expected that it has the biggest names. The biggest performers… Kanye does not represent that.”

So possibly one of the biggest acts in the world in terms of both commercial an critical succsess is not good enough for glasto.

Also, where is the “class”? Is it wrong to expect role models of today, not to promote their wife’s porn career to the world? In 15 years’ time, South West (or whatever Kanye’s kid is called) will turn to Kanye and ask “Daddy…why did you pimp out mummy?”"

Erm thats a bit out of order m8.

"Are you happy about Foo Fighters headlining?
I’m ecstatic! I love Grohl and the team. It’s a great signing :)"

Oh dear.

"What would you dream Glastonbury line-up?
Blur, Libertines, Cure, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, Green Day, Springsteen, Jack White. Muse maybe? David Bowie?"

Oh dear oh dear.


16-40 year old, male Nuts readers with record collections


i have friends really into all that fey indie-pop stuff and the people all seem nice but why do so many of them dress like cartoon characters?

[quote=“Konichiwa_Bitches, post:9, topic:7601, full:true”]Makes a big deal about whether or not artists write their own songs/ play their own instruments.

I change my answer to people who think this, hate it!

Love an absurd generalisations thread!

Basically: anyone who thinks one broad type of music is empirically better than all other. Rockists, dance music nerds, jazz dweebs, all awful.


Dream Theater fans.


the best kind of threads

any of them power metal nerds

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Frank Turner fans

I feel like I don’t need to qualify this, as my thinly-veiled falls into this category, but for the most part they are the epitomy of obsessive fans who haven’t thought to look further than the artist they idolise.

Went to a gig in Sheffield last year…and was practically outcast for not singing every word.

I saw him last year at Cambridge Folk Festival. Having heard pretty much nothing of his before, I was actually pretty impressed with his set. But yes, some people around me were absolutely belting his songs out. Knew every word and were singing it meaningfully.

Hadn’t listened to him in almost a decade. Forgot how much I hated these lyrics:

I woke up on a sofa in an unfamiliar house,
Surrounded by sleeping folks that I didn’t know.
On failing to find my friends, I decided that it was clearly time to go.
So I made my way out of the door as quietly as I could –
There was no one there I knew to say goodbye –
Squinting in the sadly sobering sunshine of the Sunday morning light.

I started the night with all my friends and I ended up alone,
Oh yes I started out so happy now I’m hung-over and down.
It was about then that I realized I was half-way through
The best years of my life.

So I scanned the local landmarks, trying to find out where I was,
And maybe even find a bus back home.
I was longing for a shower, and for clean sheets, and a charger for my phone.
And suddenly it hit me that I got paid this Friday last
And so I rifled through my pockets for some change.
But all I found was a packet of broken cigarettes and sinking sense of shame.

I had to ask myself, well,
Is it really worth it?
Is any of this worth it?
Well the whole thing’s far from perfect,
But I’ve yet to figure out a better way to spend my time.

Too many suits and dirty looks made me rack my brains,
And the real damage started to sink in.
It’d been quite a heavy weekend, but I could just about remember where I’d been.

I stood on a street corner, and I felt a little sick.
It was about then that I realized I was half-way through
The first day of the week.