Worst film thread



oh fuck, Goodbye to Language was an absolute chore, forgot about that. hated it


i think tree of life is a genuine 10/10 film


Ahahahahahahahahaits absolute dross.

*have never seen it but I stand by my critique


What a bizarre reason to dislike a film.


Manchester By the Sea
The Room
Boyz N Da Hood


10,000 BC

Remember curling up in the seat at the movies and went to sleep. Only time I’ve ever done that since maybe when I was an infant.


Oh. Crash. Middle class people are casually racist. The end.

Not the good one about fucking at car accidents.


Crash was the Love Actually of racism. Should have just called it Racism Actually.


The worst film thread would probably be one where everyone agreed with Louis Tacos’ top 10 films ever.

(Sorry @ericthefourth)


If there was a thread for worst character in a film Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually would be high on my list.


Surely after everyone in The Holiday, though?


Well that is just mental. Even if you like and respect it you can’t possibly think it is flawless? Takes so long to hammer home its ‘messages’ that even a fan must feel their patience is being toyed with.


I just completely bought into it. I think its one of those rare films, like 2001, where its a piece of art (ew) and even if its not doing much narrative wise its still hugely immersive.

Still dont get why Sean Penn plays Brad Pitts dad




Totally agree that The Matrix Reloaded is the worst film I’ve ever seen. Every notable bit of CGI was in the trailer, so the effect was lost when we saw the actual film, and the rest was Laurence Fishbourne talking bollocks.


I like how glacial it is - suits it’s cosmic scope.


Mate it ends with sean penn hugging people on a beach


“not just cause it’s a bad film”

But it isn’t a bad film, no matter what you think of what it’s trying to say. It had me gripped from start to finish. You explained that you hate the message, but in what way was it badly made?

Chazelle’s La La Land divided people a bit (mainly people who couldn’t see that the ending we got really was the “happy” ending) and I could see it getting listed here but I’m interested that Whiplash has turned up in this thread.


Understood the ending

La la land was still gashfortwats


Bad message=bad film (haven’t seen it)