Worst film thread



Yes, and yes. Like I said, we were hoping for a big stupid action film but holy shit was that film stupid


Yeah, but it’s not generally considered a bad message or a bad film.

Helps if you enjoy jazz to I suppose. That’s enough to turn many folks off.


Really quite profoundly bad, but not profound in the way it thinks it is, and somehow it really thinks it is


I don’t know I’ve never seen it, but think people can use whatever criteria they want so if someone doesn’t like the message it’s fair for them to think it’s a bad film


Whiplash is good, Tree of Life is a bit wank


Lots of people who like jazz didn’t like it.


Sucker punch is also fucking awful. It’s like a terrible computer game with a very icky approach to what is ‘sexy’.


Has Emily Browning ever been in anything decent? IMDB suggests not


Sleeping Beauty and Lemony Snickett were pretty good, I thought.


Tend not to count Snickett because she was a child at the time. Sleeping Beauty is ok if a bit dull.


I love Little Nicky. My parents let us choose a video to rent when they went out for NYE 2000 to keep us out of trouble, we chose this one, quickly became a favourite. Still quote it all the time when I’m with my sisters, it’s an ingrained part of our childhood canon. I was 8 years old at that point, probably the target age for pretty much all the humour.


Just remembered I saw Valerian at the cinema. Jeeeeez that stunk. Jem liked it which is always a good indicator that something is shite.


Naff CGI, The guy cast as Valerian has all the charisma and acting ability of a potato and it was about an hour too long.

On the other hand, thought the market scene was pretty well executed and it surprised me that Cara De-whatsit actually proved to be not too bad an actor in it.


Probably The Martian. Matt Damon and bro-science. Grim.




Troy is a masterpiece you cuck.


An old colleague of mine wrote his dissertation on White Chicks. It had a fancy title about representations of race in contemporary cinema, but White Chicks was his primary text.


Yes. The cinematic equivalent of two and a half hours(!) with the World Wide Message Tribe, only they’re really into science instead of Jesus.


Seems kinda reasonable to me?


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