Worst film thread



Glad to see someone else say this because I do not understand the weird hype/good press it got.

Whiplash is fine but VERY overrated.

It’s actually Cloud Atlas lads


didnt love it but dont really get the hate (apart from the obvious indie points)


quite liked frank. funny in places, fassbender and gyllenhall were both good in it and the soundtrack was great. probably wasnt even the worst film the month it was released, let alone of all time.


Just remembered I went to see Year One (Jack Black, Michael Cera) at the cinema.

Good lord.

I laughed ONCE, and that was at a throwaway line that no one else laughed at.




I do that all the time. Modern Hollywood comedy is completely over the top - very few funny or witty lines, and far too many set-piece gross-out scenes or “unexpected” cameos involving somebody who was famous a few years earlier.


Nope, ALL TIME I’m afraid. It’s been backed now so too late


is this the one with the CGI tiger in the boat? coz that looked like my idea of hell


That’s life of pi, which is more dull than offensive


oh shit, i remember. the wife read Cloud Atlas so we watched the trailer and both went … aw hell naw


Good decision. There’s a scene early on where Tom Hanks kills a film critic which I think tells you everything you need to know


I remember being really underwhelmed when I first saw Frank at the cinema. I was really looking forward to it given it was “loosely” based on Frank Sidebottom and everything. I enjoyed it a lot more the second time I saw it. Had the same experience with Inside Llewyn Davis. Don’t think either are classics though.

Whiplash on the other hand IS a classic! Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.


I was bored of the song the second time he started to play it but on balance I liked how from the trailers you knew the old dude was a total wank but there was a surprise twist and it turned out the young guy was an absolute helmet too. So the message I took from the film was that jazz is for bellends.

Worst film is obviously Batman Returns.


I watched Fanboys last night. That’s got to be in with a shout. All the bad bits of Kevin Smith movies without the saving graces (tbf I am not sure what the saving graces of Kevin Smith movies are. I liked them back in the day, but they just feel painfully dated now. Anyway, it was like a Kevin Smith movie but worse)


Whiplash is good but its definitely not a classic


didn’t mind cloud atlas too much. I watched it on dvd almost immediately after finishing the novel and it was more “oh that’s an adequate staging of scene from book”. not sure if I’d describe it as good though.


I have taken your thoughts on board, given it a second thought and decided that I’m still right - an it’s appalling piece of cinema.


Kermode’s description of it as a “admirable failure” is probably about right.

Kind of uncomfortable about the yellowface aspect to it though, even though I understand why it’s went that way.


Not even the worst batman (dark knight rises)


Not seen Cloud Atlas but any film which has Hugh Grant like this is alright by me