Worst film thread

The Nice Guys is really good. Certainly doesn’t deserve a mention amongst Click and Baywatch. Why did you hate it so much?


i’m questioning your bad film tolerance levels if you had to switch that off

The Blair Witch

UUGGGHHHHHHH, I’ve tried to rewatch this film since I saw it at the cinema. I was so excited but it’s just awful. So many things irked me about it -

The girl with purple hair was obviously told to or thought it would be a good idea to speak at half volume for the entire film in order to seem introverted and a bit weird, NO, it’s just really annoying and sounds really forced and I don’t know what you’re saying and SPEAK UP.

Excessive jolty camera, boke.

Disgusting pus scene - just really disgusting and not scary, why. No.

The story was shit. everything was just shit.

I know it’s a blair witch project sequel so it was always going to be a bit rubbish anyway, but my threshold for rubbish horror films is pretty high so saying this is bad is really saying something.

part of me wants to watch it again just to double check. Must. not.

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the adam sandler film ‘little nicky’ provoked such a strong visceral reaction from me that even remembering it now is making me angry

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Think the worst films I’ve seen at the cinema are:

  1. King Ralph
  2. The Forgotten
  3. King King (Peter Jackson version)
  4. Blair Witch: Book of Shadows
  5. Minions

I dunno why everyone keeps talking about sequels to the Matrix - as I keep saying on here, to the best of my knowledge none were ever made.






So bad they named it twice!


School of Rock

Hit that sweet spot of so many of my mates for some reason loving it and it being utterly unwatchable shite.

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Only thinking about things I’ve seen at the cinema…

The Depp/Burton thing where they’re Victorian werewolves or something? Dark…something?

Also: Terninator Genysis - went to see it twice and I’ve still no real idea what the fuck was going on.

An edit of that where they refer to the monkey simply as ‘king’ would be 100x more watchable

So bad. No redeeming features at all. Sandra Bullock sounds so disinterested it’s actually comical. I have had to sit through that about 12 times.

That’s a masterpiece when compared to the Jack and Jill and Chuck and Larry Efforts.

Worst films seen at the cinema:

  1. Troy
  2. Miami Vice
  3. Wrath of the Titans

Worst film seen at the cinema:

1.After Earth

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Worst films (I can recall) seen at home:

  1. Piranha 3DD
  2. Species 3
  3. Scary Movie 2 (I think? The one where they all go to a spooky house for no reason).

I had slightly high hopes for it, but - based on what I heard - I never bothered watching it. It’s a shame, because I do think a decent Blair Witch sequel would be possible (I’m one of quite few people I meet who really likes the original though, to be honest).

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As I’ve mentioned previously on here, Matrix 3 makes Matrix 2 look like Matrix 1…


I like this film :+1: