Worst film thread



I like this film :+1:


Never seen a truly terrible film at the cinema. Plenty of boring ones. Tim Burton’s Batman was boring


Films i wanted to walk out of in thr cinema or actually did
Horse whisperer (I was about 10 and not allowed)


Star wars 1.
Jurassic world
Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Are the worst films I’ve seen at the cinema. All utterly without merit


Personal Shopper is the worst in recent memory. Boxing Helena is maybe the worst film of all time.


I really enjoyed this film :+1:


You’re a monster. First mentioning the Matrix films that DO NOT EXIST and now this.


Worst films I’ve watched recently:

Kingsman 2 - my friend made me see this at the cinema. Made the first one look like Casablanca.
The latest Pirates of the Caribbean film - made the first 3 (4?) films look like Casablanca.
Chef - the one with Jon Favreau, really weird bad film. Only good thing was that it was sort of an origins story for Chef Jeff from Master in None, and possibly also Under the Skin.




I hated the original so never saw this. Speaking of the original, never has there been a film with such a large disparity between what the critics thought of it and what the public thought. At my screening in London when the screen goes black at the end, there were a few seconds total silence then a loud voice shouted “BOLLOCKS!” followed by audience laughter and some clapping.


yeah i loved it, it’s got a proper cult status now too.


has anyone said suicide squad yet? cos that’s an absolute turd.


was taken on a date to wedding crashers. probably the worst film I’ve seen at the cinema.


I absolutely love the original. I watched it for the first time years after it was released, at my parents home in the middle of the woods, at 3 in the morning and it properly freaked me out. The same with the bf, apparently he watched it at a friends, thought it was a bit rubbish, then walked home through some fields, heard a weird noise and ended up bolting the rest of the way home :smiley:


I loathed Whiplash and not just cause it’s a bad film but because it’s reprehensible and immoral and says dreadful things about the nature of art. I literally despise everything it stands for and wholeheartedly disagree with it on every level.


Yeah, I think why I like it so much is due to living near woods, having spent a lot of time walking around thinking up ways to creep myself out. I always respect the fact that they clearly put a lot of effort into constructing a mythology that they end up making the most peripheral part of the film.


My most hated film is The Big Lebowski but its not the worst, its just not for me

worst films iv e ever seen at the cinema were Disaster Movie, Sex and The City and Battle: Los Angeles (dunno the name of it but the one with Aaron Eckhart and Ne-Yo)


I remember Troy being so fucking terrible that even teenage me was catching the eye of everyone I went with and silently agreeing ‘this is fucking terrible, isn’t it’. 300 was equally bad but that was ironic so you can’t get mad at it, or something

In the more recent stakes, the third Hobbit movie is going to take some beating.


Brimstone - I saw it at last year’s Film Festival and have been gnashing my teeth about it for around twelve months. An utterly rancid and deeply cynical work. It’s movie as clickbait.


Guys, I want to go see the new Jumanji film. Stop me.